8 Great Boba Spots in Seattle

If you read my blog and follow me on IG, @kelliwongphotography and @uniquefoodiefinds, you probably know I like boba tea! I've created four other blog posts with some of my favorite spots. 

Where To Get Your Boba Fix in The Seattle Area  

Where To Get Your Boba Fix in The Seattle Area Part 2

and Part 3 

Looking for boba in Tukwila, WA? Go here

Since I've done those posts, I've enjoyed a lot more boba! Some were delicious and worth posting about, and some were kind of misses. So here are eight spots I really enjoyed and you will too. Cheers! 

Drip Tea located in Cap Hill is way worth a visit. Or a of couple visits, like me. They have soft serve, boba tea in cute bear bottles, and really, really good Brown Sugar Tiger Milk. You can see my original post here and read all about Drip Tea. 

If you're in the I.D and really want quality tea, visit Seattle Best Tea. This is where the locals and die-hard boba lovers go. They've been around for ages and kind of an institution in Seattle. I hadn't posted about this spot before so click the link Seattle Best Tea for more info. 

A newer place to visit in the I.D is T.P Tea. When they opened they drew really long lines. I visited on a quiet afternoon and didn't wait. The hype for this place is worth it, however, as their drinks were really delicious. Maybe the best I ever had. Go here for my post about T.P Tea. 

How cute is this reusable bottle with milk tea? It's currently being used to store my son's markers. Tra Tea Bar is Bellevue not only has these bottles, but they also sell Vietnamese coffee in cool cans. See my post from our visit here.  

Rabbit Rabbit Tea in Queen Anne not only has the cutest logo, but some unique tea flavors, too. I tried a really good Tiramisu Milk Tea. See that post here
Truetea in Kent had really pretty and refreshing fruit teas. I also really liked their teddy bear 
theme! See my post here

Oh Bear Cafe and Teahouse in the U-District also had good boba teas and a teddy bear theme! So cute! They also serve sandwiches and pastries. See that post here

And last but not least is JYS Bubble Tea, also in the U-District. They recently opened and they have not only boba tea, but chicken wings and unique Snowflake Milk Ice with dry ice. Check that post out here


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