The Best Seattle Tacos for Taco Tuesday

Today is Taco Tuesday! So here are 10 spots in Seattle to satisfy your Taco, Taquito, and Chimichanga cravings! 

I've been trying so many different kinds of tacos lately. I'm kind of obsessed with them. I actually need to take a break from tacos. But first, here's a list of ten places to grub out for Taco Tuesday! 

This is the Quesabirria from Cactus in South Lake Union. This was super spicy because of the chili consomm√© sauce. The flavor of the tacos were so good because of the tender beef cheeks. It was served with refried beans. 

Ever heard of Vampire Tacos? I hadn't either until I dined at Yard House in downtown Seattle. These tacos were also really spicy! They're called Vampire Tacos because they kind of look like wings and because you'll want to devour these tacos like a vampire would suck blood! Kind of gross but we'll roll with it. I loved the cheese on the shells, so unique! 

I was happily surprised with how good the Chicken Taquitos at El Sombrero in Columbia City were! They tasted so good dipped in a red flavorful sauce. 

My family loves Moctezuma's at Westfield Southcenter because of their quality eats and cocktails. Don't miss the Carne Asada Street Tacos. Perfect for Taco Tuesday! 

The Birria Taco craving is no joke. And once you've tried them, you just can't stop looking for them all over town. Head to Birrieria Tijuana in Burien for really good ones. Just avoid the weekends and peak meal times and you'll avoid the long lines. 

You'll never forget your first time. Your first time trying Birria Tacos, of course! Taco City in Columbia City was where I had my first Birria Tacos, and they were absolutely delish. 

Chicken Chimichangas are always a good idea! You'll find these at most Mexican restaurants, but we like them at Puerto Vallarta in West Seattle and Federal Way. 

If you eat at Fonda La Catrina in Georgetown and don't order the Queso Fundito with Carne Asada, that would be a mistake. We love the juicy and tender beef with all of that melted cheese. So yummy! 

If you love tacos, you have to visit Tacos Chukis. They have multiple locations, but we went to the Beacon Hill spot. Don't miss the tacos with tender pork and pineapples. 

One of my fav spots for Mexican in Seattle, well one of them anyway- apparently I like a lot of spots, is Casco Antiguo. They have two locations and I've visited both. Their Birria Quesadilla is a must try. The shredded beef birria is so bomb! 

Well, there you go! 10 great spots in Seattle to get your grub on and satisfy your taco cravings! 


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