Fudge Stuffed Blondies

Time for Fudge Stuffed Brownies! This was the second recipe I baked from Handle The Heat. The first recipe I tried of hers were the Nutella Brownies in my last post. Handle The Heat's recipes seem to be on the sweet side. So if you have a huge sweet tooth like I do, you're in luck. If not, I would just try a couple of bites! 

The Fudge Stuffed Brownies have three layers of goodness. The middle is a chocolate layer which is surrounded by the blondie layers. These were a little tricky to make, as you need to spread the layers thin before baking. The top blondie layer was kind of hard to spread without it mixing with the fudge. But I did it and the bars tasted so good! The blondie part tastes like cookie dough, so these bars reminded me of chocolate chip cookies, but in layered bar form. 

If you want to make these, you can find the recipe I used from Handle The Heat here


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