Trying Asian Pastries at Cafe Aloe


Two yummy Piggy Buns from Cafe Aloe in Bellevue. 

To celebrate the start of Spring Break, we took off to the Eastside and visited Cafe Aloe. Their coffee, sparkling juices, and Asian pastries looked too good to pass up. The owners started Cafe Aloe when they realized there weren't many spots for these types of pastries outside of Seattle's I.D. Their buns and egg tarts are really unique and aren't served at too many places in Seattle. They offer three types of Egg Tarts- Traditional, Matcha, and Creme Brulee. They also serve the adorable and almost too cute to eat Piggy Buns. They have three types of filling for those. Custard, Molten Custard, and Taro. We tried one of each. I also got a Creme Brulee Egg Tart. 

Cafe Aloe also has Pineapple Buns. And they take them one step further by adding eggs to theirs, resulting in a deliciously sweet and savor sandwich. Their drinks looked really fun and different, too. They have a wide range of coffee drinks and even have several fruity non-alcoholic sparkling juices. I chose a Peach Mojito and if was full of fresh peaches on the bottom and a really refreshing sparkling juice.  

They are currently open for dine-in, so we grabbed a table and got to snacking. Cafe Aloe is worth the drive from Seattle for their drinks and pastries, for sure! 

Cafe Aloe 

10961 NE 2nd PL

STE 100

Bellevue, WA 



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