A Visit to Blank Space Cafe for National Bubble Tea Day


A Coffee Milk Tea to celebrate National Bubble Tea Day! 

Today is National Bubble Tea Day, so of course I had to go get a drink. I wanted to go somewhere new I've never been. So I chose Blank Space Cafe in Belltown. Some coffee sounded good so I ordered a Coffee Milk Tea with Boba. They also sell macarons, so we chose six to share. We picked three Captain Crunch Berry ones, a Fruity Pebbles, Salted Caramel, and a Vietnamese Coffee macaron. They were pretty and tasty! 

My drink hit the spot and the caffeine gave me a nice Friday afternoon boost. The boba pearls had a nice chewiness and flavor to them. Black Space Cafe also sells Bubble Waffles with ice cream, ice cream floats with boba pearls, and Toastbox with ice cream. Toastbox is a fun name for the Japanese dessert, Honey Toast. So this is the spot if you're in Belltown and craving something sweet and you also want a bubble tea! 

Macarons from top to bottom: Captain Crunch Berry, Vietnamese Coffee, Salted Caramel, and Fruity Pebbles.

Blank Space Cafe

2126 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA  
(206) 448-2617


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