Scenes from Leavenworth

 For my last Leavenworth post from my overnight trip, I want to share some photos of the scenery and architecture. The town is so picturesque and it just begs to be photographed. I really like the Bavarian style buildings and the Cascade mountains.

Be sure to check out Waterfront Park, a two mile loop that goes around Blackbird Island. Here you'll find a playground and a trail around the Wenatchee River. There's no shortage of plants, birds, and neat bridges to cross over. If you have kids, it's the perfect place to burn off some steam before checking out some of Leavenworth's restaurants. 

There's so many shops and restaurants along Front Street, its hard to decide where to go first!

Visitors having fun on a four person bide from Leavenworth Radtours

Gotta love those mountain views behind Front Street. When the weather's warm, the street closes to traffic and the area becomes a patio for the restaurants! 

Leavenworth also has horse-drawn carriage rides. How fun would that be riding around the town by horse? Me, I just like to photography the horses! 

The beginning of the trail at Waterfront Park.

Blackbird Lodge in Leavenworth offers views of the Wenatchee River and looks down onto Waterfront Park. This looks like an awesome place to stay! 

Some more views from Waterfront Park. I loved how the water looked from the bridge and the houses in the distance. They must have some wonderful views! 

Thanks for following along on my Leavenworth posts! It felt great to get away for just a little bit and relax! 


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