Trying Mochi Donuts at Mochinut in SLU


A S'more Mochi Donut from Mochinut in SLU. 

If you're looking for unique, delicious, and pretty donuts, look no further than Mochinut. Mochi donuts are donuts that originated from Hawaii. They're a combination of American Donuts and Japanese Mochi. They're popular for their shape and chewy texture. They use Rice flour which makes the donuts stretchy and chewy. At Mochinut, they make theirs with eight connected balls, creating a fun and unique shape of donut. 

When I visited in the evening, a few hours before they closed, I was worried they'd be out of donuts. But no, they just keep making more and more. I saw trays of fresh donuts, ready to purchase and devour. They had six flavors to choose from. And a half dozen is $16, which is what my family bought. We chose two Dark Chocolate S'mores, a Belgian White Chocolate, a Raspberry, and the Korean Churro. 

Right now, there's no indoor dining offered there, so we took our bright yellow box of donuts outside to one of the benches in front of the building. The dark chocolate donut was a little messy because the chocolate had just been poured on top. These donuts were super fresh for 6 pm! I had a little impromptu photoshoot while my family started eating theirs. I got to try the Dark Chocolate S'mores and the Korean Churro. The chocolate one was my favorite and I loved the two Teddy Grahams on top. These mochi donuts are so fun to eat. 

If you ever get a chance to try these unique donuts, do it! The ones at Mochinut exceeded our expectations and now I can see why they were so busy when they originally opened. 


400 Fairview Ave. N. Seattle, WA



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