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An Afternoon on Vashon Island

  Lavender sugar cookies from the Lavender Hill Farm in Vashon Island, WA. They use local lavender from the farm and the cookies are made on site.  You haven't truly visited Seattle until you've gone on a Washington State Ferry . Adventure's in the air as you stand on the bow of the boat and look down at the glimmering water of Puget Sound. Then again as you near your destination, run down to find your car, having to slide and maneuver between the other cars, hoping to reach it before its time to drive off the ferry.   And that's just getting to the island of your choice. Then the fun continues as you explore one of Washington's many quiet and rustic island towns, most just twenty minutes to an hour away from the busyness of Seattle. These days the crowds are back, and we all desire a few hours of quiet in a sleepy town, or at least I do.  My family and I took a quick twenty-minute ferry to Vashon Island . You catch the ferry in West Seattle at the Fauntleroy termin

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