Nutella Brownies

Rich and luscious Chocolate and Nutella Brownies! 

If you're having a hard week, or even if you're not, then it's time to make some brownies! I got a new oven this week and its been awesome. There's something about a brand new oven that's sparkling clean that makes you want to cook and bake more! So this weekend, I chose two recipes from Handle The Heat and bought all of the ingredients. Then I got to baking! 

I decided to make Nutella Brownies first. My sons love Nutella and so do I. So they wanted me to make these first, of course! I follow Handle The Heat on Instagram, and she is good, guys. With almost half a million followers, and a cook book, her recipes looked way delicious and mouth watering. Tessa Arias of Handle The Heat is into the science of baking and she tests her recipes until they are perfect. So, making something of hers and following the recipe sounded great. These brownies actually use four types of chocolate! They turned out super rich. These are the kind of brownies that are under baked and gooey. They're a chocoholic's dream! They use a lot of butter, sugar, and chocolate, so they aren't diet friendly, of course. So just make sure to share these! 

I followed her recipe exactly, and I'm happy with how my brownies turned out. You can see the recipe for Nutella Brownies here.  


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