Where To Get Your Boba Fix In The Seattle Area

If you follow me on Instagram or have seen some of my recent blog posts, you know I like Boba Tea. Why do I enjoy it so much? Its tastes delicious, its refreshing, I enjoy eating the tapioca balls, and the cups are always cute. Its a huge craze now in the Seattle area and there are new Boba spots popping up all the time. I've been lucky to have checked out quite a few, but there's still many more shops I'd love to visit. Here are six spots for Boba Tea in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Cheers!

I recently tried Ding Tea, located in the University District. I had the Monster Bobo Latte, which was their unique brown sugar recipe with warm soft pearls, and chilled fresh milk. It was tasty and I liked how soft the tapioca balls were. However, I ordered it with cheese foam and didn't taste any. Maybe they just didn't use enough to notice, but the drink would have been better with more.

We love 85 Degrees at Westfield Southcenter in Tukwila for their Taiwanese pastries, but their drinks are also top notch. They seem to take a while to make, but the wait is always worth it. Last time I tried a Sea Salt Caramel Coffee with tapioca balls. The drink gave me a nice caffeine buzz and tasted great!  

Inside Southcenter Mall in Tukwila is another spot for Boba Tea. Check out Braganza Tea. They have limited options since they're on the small side in the mall. But the coffee flavored drink with tapioca balls hit the spot and refreshed me as I walked around the mall.

Another option for Boba Tea in Tukwila is Tea Time, located near Value Village. I tried one of their adorable glass bottles with Black Tea Milk and Crystal Boba and Grass Jelly. The bottle is reusable and you can even bring it back and get a discount on your next drink. The flavors were great and I enjoyed having both boba and grass jelly.

The International District in Seattle has many solid options for Boba Tea. I tried Young Tea. This was in the fall when they had Pumpkin Spice Black Tea Milk. I also added boba because I like how extra it makes these drinks!

Bellevue Square added two new spots for Boba Tea in 2018. Along with Happy Lemon, which I posted about a few months ago and you can read here, and Mi Tea. This was my first time trying Cheese Foam, and I loved it. I had the Peach Oolong Tea and it was so good with the cheese foam. It resembled peach cheesecake, only more refreshing.

The other side of my Peach Oolong Tea with Cheese foam. See how much cheese foam they used? It was delicious!


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