Dinner at The Dolar Shop in Bellevue

Every year my husband's boss has a party for the staff and their families. They reserve a room at a restaurant and we all have a grand time. This year they chose The Dolar Shop in Bellevue. Located in the Bravern Shops, The Dolar Shop serves Hot Pot and they also have a full bar. If you're unfamiliar with hot pot, its when you cook your own meats, noodles, pot stickers, and veggies in a pot of boiling soup in front of you.

The special thing about The Dolar Shop is that each diner gets their own pot for cooking. The quality and freshness of the food is also high. I was surprised by how many cuts of beef were served. The presentation of the dry ice being poured on the meat and seafood was also nice. Before we started eating, my husband and I checked out the bar and each sipped a craft cocktail. My drink was their version of a Whiskey Sour and had egg yolk foam on top. He had an Old Fashioned. Both drinks were strong and made perfectly.

The servers were also pouring red and white wine at the tables so we had a glass of the Pinot Nior. Then they began bringing out the raw food for us to cook in our soup. By the time we were done everyone was full. The food wasn't very heavy, since it was mostly meat and veggies, but there was still a lot of it. Then the servers brought out small ice cream cones with vanilla soft serve to complete the meal.

The interior of The Dolar Shop was gorgeous and there were two levels. We were downstairs in the VIP room. There was also a bar and more tables downstairs. Upstairs, the main part of the restaurant, were plenty of tables, another bar I believe, and the open kitchen where you can watch them prepare the food. There was also a sauce bar with lots of dipping sauces, kimchee, and fresh fruit.

If you enjoy hot pot and are looking for a relaxing and upscale place to have it, then The Dolar Shop is your spot!


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