A Visit to Rachel's Ginger Beer at U-Villiage

To curb our appetite and quench our thirst, we went to Rachel's Ginger Beer at U-Village. Along with local Ginger Beer you can also purchase eats from Ma'ono Fried Chicken. They have their own counter inside, so I suggest ordering your food first and then getting your drinks at the RGB bar.

This wasn't our first time trying RGB and Ma'ono, but it was our first time trying their sandwiches. I'd been hearing great things about their Chicken Sandwich for a while and I finally got my chance. I ordered one with no spice level, and that was a mistake. My chicken sandwich would have been elevated to that perfect sandwich with some heat. You have the choice of three levels of spiciness and I wimped out. My husband wanted to go meat free with his meal so he ordered their Chicken Fried Tofu Sandwich with medium heat. He really enjoyed it and said he didn't miss the meat at all. My fried chicken was really thick and juicy and cooked perfectly. I always worry when a piece of chicken is cut so thick that it will be pink. I also really liked the Hawaiian bun on the sandwich. It added a little sweet element. We also had Tatar Tots to go with our sandwiches.  

To wash all of this down, I went with a Peach Bellini from RGB. It was sweet and refreshing and went well with my food.


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