A Visit to Drip Tea for Soft Serve and Boba Tea

There's nothing like Soft Serve ice cream and Boba Tea to cheer me up. I was feeling the mid-week blues and needed a pick me up. When I saw on Drip Tea's Instagram that they had soft serve with boba pearls, I decided to head over to Capital Hill for a treat.

 I last visited in the spring and enjoyed one of their boba teas in a cute bear bottle. It was such a refreshing drink and really hit the spot. That one was the Fear of Pog. It has passion fruit, orange, guava smoothie, and mango bits. I still have the bottle and I filled it with colored beads and succulent plants for decoration in my bedroom. 

So I was looking forward to returning and trying more of Drip Tea's products. They have several flavors of soft serve. I chose the Taro and Vanilla Swirl. I added boba pearls because this is a combo I've been wanting to try. I also ordered a Monogram tea. That one has premium brown sugar tiger milk and boba. I'm glad my son helped me eat the ice cream and my hubby helped with the drink, because this ended up being a lot to consume! We loved the ice cream and the boba took it up a notch. The milk tea was also really good, especially stirred up well. I'm so glad I headed back to Drip Tea for another visit! 


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