A Visit to Sip House


A creamy and rich Pistachio Cream Latte from Sip House in the University District. 

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021! The first thing I did this year was take down my Christmas decorations. Then I headed out into the rain and got myself a coffee at Sip House. They are located in the U-District and they serve Vietnamese Coffee. They opened in 2020 and they sell fun and creative flavors of coffee. They have a popular Ube Latte with that gorgeous purple color. I tried a drink like it at Coffeeholic House in Columbia City and loved it. 

At Sip House I tried the Pistachio Cream Latte. My grandma used to make a Pistachio Dessert that I always really liked, so I figured I'd enjoy this drink. I was right! The Pistachio Cream tasted amazing and decadent and it paired so well with the coffee part of the drink. It was also very pretty, so it looked good for photos, too. Their store is perfect for Instagram with several different backdrops for photos. I would definitely return to try another drink. 


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