Trying Rabbit Rabbit Tea in Queen Ann


                                     A Tiramisu Milk Tea with Boba from Rabbit Rabbit Tea!  

Downtown Seattle and Queen Anne don't have many Bubble Tea shops. So when I noticed a cute new spot that recently opened in Queen Anne, I knew I had to visit. Rabbit Rabbit Tea has an adorable Rabbit as their logo and they have a nice variedly of drinks. The store is black and yellow with a huge world map on one wall and a giant mural on another. Basically, it's an Instagram dream for someone like me. After I got my drink, I took some photos with the different backgrounds. 

But how was the actual tea? Really delicious! I got their Tiramisu Milk Tea and I added boba. Rabbit Rabbit Tea uses white boba, so that was unique and different for me. The tea wasn't overly sweet, but had a subtle chocolate flavor. The boba pearls were a little sweet, so that was nice. They were soft and chewy. Overall, it was a high quality bubble tea and when I'm in the neighborhood again I'd try another drink. The fruit teas look both refreshing and pretty! 


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