A Visit to Truetea in Kent

                                                                      Always be true! 

              A Strawberry Peach Jasmine Cheese Cloud drink with brown sugar boba from Truetea! 

I'd been craving boba tea lately, especially something fruity with boba pearls! When I go get boba tea I love to try new shops. Luckily around here there's always new places opening. My sister-in-law also really likes bubble tea, so she recommended Truetea. They're located in Kent, WA. There's a lot of boba spots outside of Seattle I haven't tried yet, so I was excited to check this place out. 

Right away, I liked the inside of the store. The teddy bears, pink walls, and plants were adorable and welcoming. I chose a Strawberry Peach Jasmine Cheese Cloud drink and I added some brown sugar boba. The drink was really pretty. It tasted so good and refreshing, too. I really like cheese foam on top of my bubble tea drinks, so the first thing I did was drink some of that. Then I mixed up the drink and got to sipping. This drink was really fresh and I loved the strawberries at the bottom. The blend of the strawberry and peach flavor was tasty and I could taste the Jasmine well. The boba pearls had a nice texture and tasted delicious! 

If you're in the Kent area and get a taste for bubble tea, check this spot out! 


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