Trying the popular Seattle Donuts at The Flour Box


These Seattle donuts are worth the hype, and worth the long line! Pictured are the four rotating flavors from this week. Tomorrow is the last day to get this kind. 

The Flour Box has been on my foodie list for a while, well, since they opened a couple of years ago. They're a South Seattle bakery located in Hillman City. The owner, Pamela, started making Brioche donuts for pop-ups, and they were so well received she eventually opened up her own spot. 

The Flour Box is open Thursdays through Sundays, and they sell out of donuts in a couple of hours. They open at 10 a.m., but people line up way before. My husband and I arrived right at ten and ended up waiting about an hour. They also have cookies, brownies, and coffee drinks. The donuts are Brioche with fillings, and they're the soft and pillowy kind. Every week, Pamela and her team make four different kinds. We were able to try all four. 

One of the flavors was Smoked Salmon Everything. It had Hardwood Smoked Salmon cream cheese with fresh dill, caramelized Walla Walla sweet onions, fresh lemon juice, sea salt, cracked black pepper, and topped with a House-made Everything seasoning. We bought two of these. This is a savory donut and was my husband's favorite one. That first bite was magical and made standing in line worth it. 

Another flavor this week was the Hokey Pokey. This donut had House-made honeycomb candy folded into whipped sweet cream and topped with a chunk of honeycomb. This one I saved for my son for later, and he loved it. This was his first time trying honeycomb, which he was really excited about. 

The Mango Lassi was another flavor. We bought two of these. It had House-made mango "jam" folded into Greek yogurt cream, with a hint of honey, and it was topped with a house-made mochi. This one was nice and fruity and was packed with mango flavor. The mochi on top was a nice, sweet touch. 

Finally, we tried the Coconut Tapioca donut. This one had sweet coconut milk pudding, with soft tapioca pearls folded throughout. It was topped with toasted coconut. This donut tasted light and fresh, like a dessert you'd get after indulging in some Dim Sum. All of the donuts were light and fluffy, not like the heavy donuts you'll find at national chains. 

The drinks at The Flour Box are also notable. They feature espresso from the local Anchorhead Coffee. We tried a Thai Milk Tea that tasted incredible. They're also open for dine-in now and their interior couldn't be any cuter if they tried. The owner's dog, Po, also is there hanging out, and you can pet him while you're waiting in line. He was so sweet and adorable. 

I'm so glad I finally tried the donuts at The Flour Box! If you're in town and have a couple of extra hours, I recommend heading over and trying them yourself! 

The Flour Box 

5520 Rainier Ave S

Seattle, WA 


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