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A bubbly glass of Prosecco from The Coupe and Flute. 

When a new restaurant opens in your neighborhood, you've just got to check it out! I was intrigued by The Coupe and Flute, a Champagne bar with small plates. They don't take reservations, so we arrived about an hour after they opened and got sat right away. The restaurant gets noisy, so be prepared to talk pretty loud. I started with a glass of Sparkling wine, a fruity Prosecco. I don't remember the name of it, but a glass was $13. My husband had a Manhattan cocktail, which was pretty pricey at $18. This is not the place for a cheap date, as everything was pretty expensive. We went for a Friday dinner out, but this would be the perfect spot for a celebration, a special date night, or a girl's night out. 

Our server told us The Coupe and Flute was the owner's passion project. She wanted to create a restaurant that was approachable. I would say they accomplished that goal, as the drinks and eats felt upscale and high end, yet the staff was friendly and not at all stuffy. There's a bar with seating, then maybe six or seven tables. But they do have outdoor seating for the warmer months. By the time we left, every table was full, even the outdoor ones. 

If you're hungry, then be prepared to order a lot of dishes. The servings are small and sharable. The food was designed to pair with the sparkling wines and cocktails. This would be a great spot to go before dinner, to grab a drink and a small plate to nibble on. We ordered four dishes to share. We had some popcorn with butter and salt. But you can choose from three other popcorn toppings like seaweed or lemon. We also ordered some Frites. They came with a side of four cheese Queso, for dipping, which made me happy since I love a good cheese sauce. They also served us some complimentary French savory Gougeres with herbs, which were a nice surprise.  

We ordered the cheese plate, and you can choose from either three cheeses or five. We went with three. It came with jam, dried figs, and dried cherries. There was a brie, a goat, and we weren't sure what the third one was. It also came with bread, and our server was awesome about bringing extra bread for us. My husband chose the Duck Mousse. This dish is kind of like Foi Gras, but with a different texture, like Pate. 

They also serve brunch, which would be delicious, I'm sure! Beacon Hill has so many notable, destination restaurants now. 

Welcome to the neighborhood, The Coupe and Flute! 

The Coupe and Flute 

3015 Beacon Ave S 

Seattle, WA 


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