A Visit to MOHAI in Seattle

 If you're looking for a museum in Seattle to check out, I highly recommend MOHAI. Standing for Museum of History and Industry, they opened in 2012 in a former Naval Reserve Armory on Lake Union. Before that, they were in the Montlake neighborhood since 1952. 

This is a great museum for Seattle lovers, as there was a lot of Seattle history to look at. A lot of wonderful and life changing things were started right here in Seattle. The museum covers a lot of history about those Seattle companies that have changed the world. Example: Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, and even Costco. Not to mention grunge music and some of the Seattle sports teams. 

The museum is perfect for families. Kids are actually free, so we spent $44 for the four of us. Most museums cost over $100 for about the same thing. It took us about an hour and a half to explore the whole museum. That was looking at stuff the whole time, so there's a ton of exhibits to check out. Masks are also required at this time. They have some at the front desk if you don't have one. 

One of the reasons I wanted to go to MOHAI was to see the Ansel Adams Masterworks. This exhibit is available until September 5th. You can read more about it here on their website. I learned about Ansel Adams in photography school. I recognized a lot of his work. He's known for his black and white photography, and he was a true pioneer of his time. I've always been a big fan of his photography, so it was an honor to see his work in person. Photography wasn't allowed inside the exhibit. 

They also have a pretty big sized kids' area. This is a great place for parents to relax while the kids play with education toys. There's Legos, lots of building blocks, books, and extra space for play. The exhibits in the museum are all mostly interactive and fun, too. There's also a gift shop and a cafe. There's a handy elevator for easier getting around the different floors. Parking was a little tricky, as there was only one small pay lot, and it was already filled. We found street parking across the street. 

Since the museum is located by Lake Union, there were lots of pretty water views. People were out and about and doing water sports. There's also a lot of boats to check out. We had such a fun afternoon exploring MOHAI as a family. I would recommend this Seattle Museum to visitors and locals alike!  

MOHAI Seattle 

860 Terry Ave. N

Seattle, WA 

(206) 324-1126


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