Trying the new soft serve at the Flora Bakehouse | Croissant Cones and Sundaes


Today is the first day The Flora Bakehouse is selling soft serve! Every day starting at noon, you can get it. Pictured is a Croissant Cone with a Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl and a Strawberry Sunrise layered sundae. 

When I saw on Instagram The Flora Bakehouse was soon going to have soft serve, I couldn't wait. About a week later, they announced they had it. 

The Flora Bakehouse is a dangerous place for me since it's very close to where I live. And now they have one of my favorite things, soft serve. So I could be in trouble. Their croissants are marvelous and now you can get one as a cone for your ice cream. Way too good, people. 

They have a really nice variety of soft serve. Scroll below for a photo of the menu. They have kid's cones and sizes, a Croissant Cone with either chocolate or vanilla, or a swirl of both. Then they have  Soft Serve Layers, which are five different sundaes to choose from. I'll be back to try another flavor another day! 

My family and I tried a Croissant Cone with a Swirl of chocolate and vanilla and a Strawberry Sunrise sundae. The soft serve started to melt fast, so be really quick with videos and photos! The croissant was just perfect with the ice cream. The Strawberry Sunrise has Vanilla Custard Soft Serve, Strawberry Compote, Lemon Curd, Mini Meringues, and fresh berries. This dessert tasted like summer, if summer had a flavor. The lemon curd was very subtle and light, and the berries were really fresh. Everything contrasted beautifully with the soft serve. The meringue on top was a pretty touch.   

I love how more and more places have soft serve now. If you can believe it, there's still lots of Seattle spots with soft serve I haven't tried. I'm so glad The Flora Bakehouse has joined the soft serve game!  

The Flora Bakehouse 

1511 S. Lucile St 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 762-0418

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