Dinner at Kamp Social House in Madison Park


A soft serve cone with Vanilla and Espresso Anise from Kamp Social House. 

My family and I recently went out to dinner with friends at Kamp Social House. This new spot in Madison Park opened in July and has small plates, a full bar, and soft serve ice cream with two rotating flavors. The cuisine is a fusion mix of American, Asian, and Caribbean. They also have a kid's menu, making this a great family friendly spot in Madison Park. We dined on their outdoor patio and made a reservation. 

They have a good mix of cocktails, mocktails, and even low proof cocktails. I had a Watermelon Margarita and it was a sour one. It had a tajin rim which made my mouth pucker! My husband had a Bright 'N Sunny which had rum, triple sec, pink grapefruit, and ginger ale. It was both refreshing and light. My friend chose a Buzz Bunny and she said it tasted like a health drink with vodka. It even had a carrot for a garnish. This drink had tumeric-infused vodka, carrot and lemon juice, and honey and bitters. 

We all ordered a variety of dishes to share. We had the Kamp Fries which came with a fry sauce and a house-made tartar sauce. They were delicious fries! Our sons and their friend ordered the kid's Mac and Cheese. Unfortunately, our server either misheard me or I ordered wrong, so they had to wait a little longer for their food. We had the same thing happen with our Salted Cod and Potato Croquettes. We actually received the Fried Chickpeas instead, so we were confused about why the Croquettes were so spicy and tasted like curry. I didn't figure this out until just now when I looked at their online menu. 

We also tried the Watermelon Ceviche. This was my favorite thing we ate at Kamp Social House. It was a light and flavorful dish with Rockfish, cucumber, watermelon, tomato gazpacho, avocado mousse, and taro chips. Not only was this dish so pretty, but the textures and flavors all blended well. The taro chips on the side were the perfect accompaniment. 

We ordered the Chicken Wings with Tips. They had a Pineapple Rum glaze. We had the one from the kid's menu and they came with three wings. Then it was time to try the soft serve! Our sons had vanilla in a cone and had the kid's size. I shared a regular size with a vanilla and Espresso Anise swirl. The soft serve was the perfect texture and didn't melt too fast. The Espresso Anise flavor was unique and so satisfying. If you dine at Kamp Social House, you've gotta get the soft serve!  

All in all, we had a fun and tasty dinner. There were a few misses, but the staff is still figuring things out. The restaurant has a neat concept with a "Don't be a stranger" as their slogan. They wanted a space where everyone is welcome to come and enjoy themselves, and we certainly did. Welcome to the Madison Park, Kamp Social House! 

Cheers! A sweet and sour Watermelon Margarita. 

The Kamp Fries with two sauces.

The Chicken Wings with Tips from the kid's menu. 

The Watermelon Ceviche. 

The Fried Chickpeas with a house-spice mix.

A Bright N' Sunny cocktail. 

Me, enjoying my soft serve ice cream! 

Part of the indoor dining room at Kamp Social House. The bright sign on the wall says "Don't be a stranger". My camera overexposed the sign. 
Kamp Social House's exterior, with their outdoor patio where we dined. 

Kamp Social House 

2800 E Madison 
Seattle, WA 
(206) 708-1296


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