Blackberry Crisp


Homemade Blackberry Crisp, topped with vanilla ice cream. 

As we enter the second part of August, our blackberries are back. In the back of our house, there's blackberry trees and that always means I need to bake something with them! This summer I chose to bake Blackberry Crisp. My husband picked about four cups while I was out. I saw them washed and put away in the fridge and I knew I needed to buy ice cream and more sugar so I could bake some crisp. 

There are so many recipes online. A lot of them looked pretty plain and sounded kind of tasteless. The recipe I found here from sounded good. You can click on their link for the recipe. I didn't make any changes so I'm not going to type it out here. She also has a lot of helpful tips for making this dessert. 

My crisp turned out oh so good! I let my crisp sit out for about an hour before I dug in and tried a bite. Wow! That sweet and tart berry flavor was spot on. The buttery and crumbly topping mixed perfectly with the blackberries. I topped mine with vanilla ice cream and it just tasted incredible. The crisp was still warm, so the ice cream started to melt just a little. I made the mistake of dishing some up and then taking photos of my Blackberry Crisp just before dinner. This dessert was so filling and satisfying, that I no longer wanted dinner. 

You can use this recipe with any fruit, either fresh or frozen. Just don't forget to top it with some ice cream! 

Do you have berries growing in your yard this time of year? I hope you pick some and bake something yummy! 

Wanting something a little lighter with blackberries? Click here for my Blackberry Muffin recipe. 


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