A Day Trip to Snoqualmie, WA


The gorgeous 268-foot waterfall in Snoqualmie, WA. Way worth the quick drive from Seattle. 

My family visited the small town of Snoqualmie, located about forty minutes east of Seattle. My husband and I last visited when I was pregnant with my twins. I figured after nine years it was time for another visit to the town of Snoqualmie and the falls. 

There's a nice assortment of places to dine and shop. We had lunch at Snoqualmie Brewery. They have a huge outdoor seating area, both for families and a bar area for 21 and up. We got lucky and found an empty table, and in the shade at that. At this restaurant, you use the QR code on the table and then order at the bar. Then they'll bring your food to you. My sons' lunch arrived way before ours, and I did have to go check on our food, but the wait was worth it. 

I had the Carne Asada Fries and it was a good move. Their fries are really good here, and they were topped with salsa, sour cream, guac, onions, cheddar, and pieces of Carne Asada. My husband had the Chicken Tacos and a Pilsner beer. Our sons had food from the kids' menu, a Grilled Cheese and the Mini Corn Dogs. This is a lively spot that's perfect for a warm summer day. 

After lunch, we wandered around and went into some gift shops. I love gift shops and so do my sons. That day we went into four. I didn't buy anything for myself, I just like to look at stuff. Then it was time for dessert! We wandered into Snoqualmie Ice Cream and got ourselves a scoop. My sons had a kid's size scoop in a waffle cone. They had Cookies and Cream and Mukilteo Mudd, a chocolate flavor. I selected a scoop of Coffee Cookie in a cup. Their ice cream is so creamy with such good flavor. You can find their ice cream sold in pints in grocery stores in WA. 

Two stores down is Snoqualmie Trading Co. They're owned by the same people as Snoqualmie Ice Cream. This gift shop sells a wide variety of souvenir clothes, candles, and more. They have a nice selection of kids stuff and candy, too. My son found a cool Disney Pez dispenser and my other son found a fun toy train. Then we walked down the other side of the street to look at the trains, a totem pole, and some pretty architecture in the town. We also checked out Sandy Cove Park, which was a grassy area near the river. 

Then it was time to head to Snoqualmie Falls, just a couple of minutes away. This pretty waterfall stands tall at 268 feet. The hotel, Salish Lodge, sits at the top. The falls draws more than 1.5 million visitors each year. They are a few different viewpoints. One from above the falls, the middle, and at the base. For the bottom of the falls, which I've never been, it's a small hike to the bottom. Click here for more info on their website. There's a pretty big sized gift shop with an espresso stand that comes in handy after checking out the falls. 

We also walked around the Salish Lodge and went inside. Yet another gift shop awaited inside. We went into that one, too, of course! The lobby is rustic, yet upscale. A water feature, fireplace, and beautiful light fixture adorn the space. They also have a couple of restaurants and a spa, and the photos of the rooms look so luxurious and relaxing. 

That ends our time in Snoqualmie. We weren't there super long, but it was the perfect amount of time to explore and take a break from the busy city.  

Our lunch stop in Snoqualmie! 

A cold Pilsner Beer. 

My lunch view. I loved all of the cool murals around town. 

Some of the outdoor tables at Snoqualmie Brewery. 

Some of the eats from the kids' menu. Each item comes with an apple sauce and you can get fresh veggies instead of fries. My boys chose fries, of course!

The Chicken Tacos which came with tortilla chips and salsa.

My super tasty Carna Asada Fries! 

Talk about a cheese pull! Can you say delicious! 

I really liked this truck mural in town. 

Railroad Ave SE is chock full of shops, dining, and galleries. 

Time for ice cream at Snoqualmie Ice Cream! 

A kid's size scoop of Cookies and Cream. 

And a kid's size scoop of the Mukilteo Mudd.

My cup of Coffee and Cookies. So good! 

My son's toy train he found at Snoqualmie Trading Co. 

What a cute Mickey Pez dispenser my son found. 

Such a cute interior at Snoqualmie Trading Co.

The view from across the street of the shops we went into.

Such a pretty Totem Pole. 

I've always liked this building in town. It begs to be photographed.

Walking around at Sandy Cove Park, which is located right in town.

The beautiful and tall Snoqualmie Falls! 

The entrance to the Salish Lodge.

My sons and I liked this water feature in the lobby.

The grand exterior of Salish Lodge. I took this from the pedestrian bridge which crosses the highway to the second parking lot. 

Snoqualmie Falls Brewery 

8032 Falls Ave Southeast 
Snoqualmie, WA 
(425) 831-2357

Snoqualmie Ice Cream 

8102 Railroad Ave SE 
Snoqualmie, WA 
(425) 292-9012

Snoqualmie Trading Co.

8112 Railroad Ave SE, Suite B 
Snoqualmie, WA 
(206) 657-1952

Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge 

6501 Railroad Ave SE 
Snoqualmie, WA 


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