Dining at the Toadstool Cafe at the new Super Nintendo World | Universal Studios Hollywood

The sparkly Princess Peach Cupcake from the Toadstool Cafe inside Super Nintendo World. 

We had a 3:45 reservation for the Toadstool Cafe, so we got in line. Luckily, the crowds from earlier were starting to clear out and we could wait inside the cafe. See my last post about our wet day at Universal Studios here. We still had to wait in line about thirty minutes. We were soaked from walking around in the pouring rain all day, so we were feeling uncomfortable and needed a snack, especially somewhere indoors. 

The Nintendo theme inside the cafe was super cute. They have a big screen with everyone's favorite chef, Toad. He talks to you as you wait in line. They also have screens with the menu. Since it was in between lunch and dinner, we just got drinks, appetizers, and two desserts to share. 

You order at the counter, then they'll show you to your table. Someone then brings you your food. We had a really good table for four next to one of the screens. They were playing videos of the Nintendo characters while we ate. 

We ordered the Super Mushroom soup for my husband, and I got the Toadstool Cheesy Garlic Knots. These are shaped like toadstools and come with a marinara for dipping. The soup is a creamy mushroom with super mushroom crackers on top. The cup and presentation were really cool. I got a photo of the cup, but not of the soup. 

We shared a Super Star Lemon Squash drink. This drink is a Honey Lemon Soda with mango stars and tropical boba. We loved how refreshing and tart this drink was. For dessert, we had the pretty Princess Peach Cupcake and the ? Block Tiramisu. Both desserts have an awesome presentation that's perfect for Instagram. The cupcake had a ton of frosting and not a lot of flavor. But there was a tasty raspberry filling that was delicious. The frosting even had glitter on it. This was a showstopper of a cupcake. Princess Peach is my favorite character, so I loved the look of this cupcake. The Tiramisu looked really cool and was fun to eat but tasted just ok. It tasted a little frozen, like it just came out of the freezer. 

I would have liked to go to the Toadstool Cafe for lunch or dinner because the burgers look great! This cafe was so fun to visit. It felt nostalgic and just plain cool! 

Toad Stool Cafe 

Universal Studios Hollywood

100 Universal City PLZ

Universal City, CA 


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