A Day at Universal Studios Hollywood


A really rainy day at Universal Studios in Hollywood! 

On the last full day of our CA trip, we drove our rental car from our hotel in Anaheim to LA, to Universal Studios. Unfortunately, it was a super rainy day, which isn't common in LA. There were flash flood warnings and it was basically downpouring all day long. There was nothing we could do about the weather and we already had purchased tickets, so we just went with it. We bought some ponchos and umbrellas the day before. 

We were excited to check out Super Nintendo World, which had just opened the week before! Everyone else had the same idea, and the crowds were thick, even though it was pouring and everyone had ponchos on. I really wanted to take photos, so I had to be careful with my camera and phone. I had an umbrella, which I used as my cover to protect by gear. I ended up only getting one raindrop on my lense. I was able to clean it inside a restaurant before I took too many photos. 

I was disappointed the day wasn't clear and sunny, since everything would have looked awesome and I would have been able to shoot a ton more. But I was just happy to be there and finally be able to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the new Super Nintendo World. We missed a ton of stuff of course, because of the weather. I'll have to return someday! 

First we checked out Super Nintendo World. I really wanted to eat lunch at the Toad Stool Cafe, but the line was really, really long. And you have to go inside and get a reservation card with a later time. The hostess gave me a card with a time for three hours later. We decided to go there later for an afternoon snack then! I will cover our visit in the next blog post. 

We were starving and wet from head to toe. We went to the first food spot we found, the Jurassic Cafe. The line wasn't overly long. The food was pricey since we were at a theme park. I had a Chicken Sandwich that was pretty decent. It was warm and filling, just what I needed! 

Then it was time to head to The Wizarding World. It was hard to see because of the rain. The buildings and the theming were so cool though! We tried some Frozen Butterbeer, and it tasted delicious and sweet. We went inside the Three Broomsticks to take some photos and try our drink. At this point, it was all about finding as much cover as possible. Then it was time to check out Honey Dukes. This fun and colorful candy store is chock full of so much Harry Potter treats! We spent a while in there, taking cover from the rain and checking out all the goodies. I was also happy to see Butterbeer Fudge! I bought a piece and took it home. 

At Wizarding World of Harry Potter in LA, there's only two rides. I was lucky to ride Flight of the Hippograph twice! There was no line at all. This rollercoaster is only one minute long, but definitely worth thrilling and so fun! I rode it and then got back in line and rode it again. I was in the front, so I got rained on super hard, but it was a blast! 

Then we left the Wizarding World and did some souvenir shopping. We went to the Hello Kitty store that also had Minions and Simpsons stuff. I bought a magnet and some Minions candy bars. Then it was time for our 3:45 reservation at the Toad Stool Cafe. Stay tuned for my review! 

We had a dinner reservation for that night at the brand new Chocolate Toothsome Emporium at the City Walk area, but we had to cancel it. We were way too soaked, and we needed to just drive back to Anaheim and get dry. 

The flash flood warnings also seemed serious, and we were getting notifications on our phone to not be outside. It was an adventurous and wet time at Universal Studios, but I'm glad we got to check it out! The last time I visited was when I was seven, so it was good to be back. 

Universal Studios Hollywood

100 Universal City Plz

Universal City, CA 


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