A Visit to House of Chimney Cakes in Anaheim

The Mouse Chimney Cake from House of Chimney Cakes! 

It just seems right that my last post from our CA would feature soft serve. If you read my blog you know I love soft serve ice cream. Before we drove back to LAX to fly home to Seattle, we drove to the House of Chimney Cakes in Anaheim. Luckily for me, it was only a few minutes from the Anaheim Packing House, where we had lunch. See that post here

House of Chimney Cakes features soft serve ice cream served in a Chimney Cake. Chimney Cakes are a popular Hungarian Street food. They have a crispy outside, and a sweet, soft inside. You can build your own Chimney Cake cone by selecting a filling, a flavor of Chimney cone, soft serve, and toppings. They also feature fifteen signature Chimney Cakes. These caught my eye online a few years ago, and I couldn't wait to try one. They even have a Mickey Mouse one and a Fashionista cone with Louie Vuitton logos as the toppings. 

Since we had just visited Disneyland, I ordered the Mickey Mouse Chimney Cake. They were out of regular Oreos they typically use as the Mickey Ears, but they did have Lemon Oreos which was just as cute! I also really liked the Mickey sprinkles. This cone has Vanilla Bean soft serve in an Oreo Chimney Cake. They bake their Chimney Cakes fresh, and then they assemble your cone in front of you. My Mouse Chimney Cake was adorable and nostalgic looking. How did it taste? The ice cream was really soft and creamy, the sprinkles were a great touch, and the Oreo Chimney Cake was warm, soft, and a perfect pairing with the soft serve. 

I shared with my family and our treat got messy fast! This was such a great and tasty way to end our CA trip! 


House of Chimney Cakes 

173 W Center St. Promenade

Anaheim, CA 

(714) 603-7859


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