Lunch at Bai Tong for Harry Potter Themed Cocktails and Decor


Some spell bounding drinks from Bai Tong! For the month of October they are featuring four Harry Potter cocktails. Each drink comes with a Leaky Cauldron with a Golden Snitch and Harry Potter Jelly Beans! 

My husband and I were transported to Hogwarts when we dined at Bai Tong on Capitol Hill. The Thai restaurant was packed full of Harry Potter decor. The walls had pictures, there were owls and broomsticks hanging from the ceiling, and they were collectable items on display. There were even costumes from each House to try on for photos. And all Muggles and Wizards can come in and enjoy this magical experience! 

On the menu, four themed cocktails are available. We tried three of them between the two of us. They are the Albus Dumbledore, Gillywater, Aauda Kedaura, and the Boozy Butterbeer. The Butterbeer came in a frosted mug and tasted just like the one I had at Universal Studios, but with booze. This one came topped with whipped cream, caramel, and fall colored sprinkles. And the best part was I didn't need to know any spells to get it! 

My husband enjoyed his Gillywater, which was green and came topped with a jalapeno, noodles, and seaweed. It tasted powerfully magical! And the third cocktail we had arrived in a spooky skull glass and was the Aauda Kedaura one. This drink looked scary but was really fruity and way to easy to drink! They each came with a Golden Snitch and Jelly Beans in a leaky cauldron, which was such a unique and fun idea. 

For food, I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai. My husband had two starters, the Grilled Beef and some puff pastries with a curry filling. I enjoyed my Pad Thai and the serving was large. After we were done eating and drinking, I just had to put on one of the Harry Potter outfits. I like the Gryffindor House, so that's the outfit I chose! Wizards in this house are known for their bravery and courage. Then I posed by the Platform 9 3/4 photo. 

This experience was so fun and I felt like a kid! The Thai food was good, but I really enjoyed the themed drinks and the magical decor! 

Bai Tong Seattle 

1121 E Pike St

Seattle, WA 

(206) 787-8448


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