Scenes from the Southern OR Coast | Fall 2023

There are so many photo opportunities on the Oregon Coast. I've been many times over the years. With each visit, I find new shots and angles. The lighting may change, and that alters the whole photo. We discover new parks and they're full of magic and new perspectives. Oregon is one of those U.S spots that just delivers as far as scenery goes. If you travel to the OR Coast and don't find something to photograph, did you even go there? 

My family stayed in Florence. This town in Southern Oregon along the ocean is chock full of scenery, beaches, nature walks, attractions, and food. Plus, it's pretty close to other areas of the coast, providing the perfect home base during your OR Coast trip. 

We drove the fifty miles north on Highway 101 to Newport. I'll include those photos in another post. We stopped in Waldport and took some photos on the way back. There are tons of overlooks along the way, and if you time it right and drive carefully, you just might get some incredible shots of the Pacific. 

You'll also experience all types of weather on your drive up or down 101. It was warm and sunny in Florence, then it quickly turned foggy and chilly as we drove towards Newport. It cleared a lot by the time we arrived in Newport. And on our way back to Florence, the fog once again rolled in, resulting in some moody photos from the car. It was sunset, and the day was quickly fading away as I shot some pink and dusky shots overlooking the ocean. 

The marina area in Florence, on the Siuslaw River. The ideal spot for fishing and boating! 

Old Town Florence around sunset.

The Siuslaw River Bridge in Florence. 

More shots of the Siuslaw River. 

Some of the historic buildings in Florence. This restaurant is, Bridgewater Fish House, is one of the town's best spots for local seafood and other classic dishes. See my post here for a few years back. 

This is Waldport, OR. Waldport is close to Newport, and also has amazing views. 

A fisherman in Waldport during sunset.

Driving through the fog on HWY 101, back to Florence. 

A moody Pacific gracing us with her beauty. No day or view on the OR Coast is the same. 

We did a nature walk at Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park. It costs $5 to park. The trail goes around the lake, offering scenic views. 

Some adorable dogs on the trail! 

This mural in Florence of London, England is complete now. Last year when we visited, it was halfway done. We weren't sure what city they were painting, so this was a fun surprise. 

Thanks, Oregon, for all of the amazing scenery. It just keeps on giving and the photographer in me appreciates it! 


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