A Visit to Pike Place Bakery and Seluess Chocolates

Today was a donut and coffee kind of day. Kind of a reward for making it through the long month of January in Seattle. So where does one treat themselves? Pike Place Market and the surrounding area is chock full of places to indulge in a sweet snack and grab any kind of coffee under the sun. Or in this case, no sun, since we're about talking Seattle in the winter. The day was chilly and walking through the Market in search of donuts left me cold and hungry. I came across Pike Place Bakery, which is hard to miss since they're located next to where the fish gets thrown and they have a huge selection of baked goods. You've never seen donuts as big as these. They're the size of your head. Plus they were having a buy one get one free deal on the donuts. I grabbed a German Chocolate Donut that was massive. It ended up being underwhelming and a little dry and probably looked better than it tasted. At this bakery it was quantity over quality, but it hit the spot anyway and the prices were pretty low compared to bakeries in the area. So with my donut half eaten and packed away for later, I went in search of some coffee. Located on First Ave, just a couple of blocks from Pike Place Market is Seleuss Chocolates, a fancy looking French chocolate spot I'd been wanting to pop into. They don't sell individual chocolates though, only boxes of six for $22. Since I was more interested in a coffee anyway, I got a Mocha to sip on. You can choose how strong you want your chocolate to be, so I chose mine to be at 62%. My Mocha was so sinfully rich and just right. It was strong and chocolaty, just how you want a Mocha to be. The shop was gorgeous and I loved the large Eiffel Tower near the door. By the time I got home, I had a nice sugar and caffeine high to finish the day, and the month!  
The view from the Market looking down on Western Ave while I ate my donut.
One of the newish buildings on 1st Ave, which is the Thompson Hotel, the restaurant Scout, and also Seluess Chocolates, where I visited.  
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