Candy lovers can rejoice because Bellevue Square now has a Sugarfina store. They sell luxury candy and are popular for their colorful, champagne infused gummies. Upon walking into the store, we were greeted right away by a cheerful and happy salesperson, who offered us a chocolate covered champagne gummy bear. Not 21? Not to worry. The champagne is cooked out and is there for the flavor.

This bright and pretty store is a mecca for those looking for the perfect gift or just to treat yourself. I came in to Sugarfina because I saw they sell gummy bears with green juice. I was pleased to see they had a small bottle for $6.50 and I happily purchased them for my sons. The gummies have Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Ginger, and a green juice concentrate of apple, lemon, and spinach. My sons love gummy bears and now I can feel better about them eating them. But next time I'm buying the big bottle because they love the gummies and so do I.

Sugarfina started when a couple named Rosie and Josh were dating and saw Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory on their third date. They were inspired to someday open up their own candy boutique. So they traveled the world to get ideas and to try sweets. They eventually opened Sugarfina and today sell luxury candy that people go crazy for. They are popular with celebrities and have many locations in North America. I'm glad I stopped in and discovered some healthy gummies and I'm looking forward to my next visit so I can check out some chocolate!


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