Dote Coffee Bar

Located inside the new Lincoln Square expansion in Bellevue is Dote Coffee Bar. The space is very modern and aesthetically pleasing and their coffee is direct trade and green. That sounds nice so that means I can feel good about drinking it, right? Sure it does! To make things unique at Dote, you can also get a boozy coffee or add ice cream to make an affogato-ice cream with a shot of espresso poured on top. I tried a Madagascar Vanilla Latte and I could really taste the quality. They also have a chocolatier on site making chocolates to sell. The were lined up beautifully for all of the shutterbugs like me. Pastries also line the glass shelves to pair with your coffee. I selected some green tea and chocolate shortbread. I also couldn't resist purchasing a Daily Dote, one of the handmade chocolates. I chose a Salted Caramel and the rich chocolate melted in my mouth and tasted divine with my latte. Dote Coffee was pricey but once again, if the product is high quality, you can expect to spend more greenbacks for what you're getting.


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