The Moo Bar

For unique Taiwanese desserts and bubble tea, you'll want to head to The Moo Bar in South Lake Union. The attraction for me was their Raindrop Cake, which is the first time I'd seen it, so of course I had to try it. This Asian dessert is not actually cake, but jelly-like and shaped like a big raindrop. It comes in many flavors and is served with fruit and some sort of powder on the side. I believe you're supposed to get a bite with all three flavors and textures, so that's how I ate my Raindrop Cake. It was tasty and different, and was fun to try. I probably wouldn't eat it again, as it wasn't very sweet, it was more fun to look at.  

My sons wanted a Macaron ice cream sandwich, so I let them each select one. One of my boys chose a Vanilla ice cream sandwich with a green Macaron. And my other son picked a Pistachio ice cream sandwich with what I believe was a Strawberry Macaron. They didn't let me try them though, so I'm guessing those were the flavors. They gobbled them up, so I'm assuming they were on point. My husband doesn't go for the desserts too much, he usually just takes a bite of whatever we get. He shared the Raindrop Cake with me and he ordered one of the Bubble Tea's, a Thaiphoon, a drink blended with Thai Tea's and half -and- half milk.

I liked their cow logo and their Instagram-friendly backdrops. They make it very easy to get some great shots with their products. The location is fun, too, right on Westlake Ave. There are bubble tea spots everywhere in Seattle now, so I'm glad this California chain got in on the action.  


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