A Party at Omega Ouzeri

My husband and I had a night out with his co-workers and his employers at Omega Ouzeri. In appreciation for the team, they like to have a dinner out to thank everyone for working so hard. Omega Ouzeri is a Greek restaurant located on Capital Hill. They have authentic and contemporary food and serve mezedes, small plates that can be shared by everyone.

Our group rented the dining room downstairs and the party started with one long table in the center filled with small bites for our first course. They was also beer, wine, and Ouzo to drink. The table was filled with Chilled Oysters, Fried Calamari, Whipped Fish Roe, Grilled Octopus, Cured Beef and Greek Cheese, and pita bread with hummus. We were running late, so it was mostly picked over and although I did try a few bites, I didn't take any photos of this course. I grabbed a glass of red wine, a Syrah, and awaited the second course. We then took our seats and the rest of the meal was served family style.

The second course included Cretan Winter Dakos, a Kale Salad with feta cheese, and Keftedkia, which is Grilled Meatballs. The Greek flavors were mouthwatering and took me right to Greece. No, I've never been, but I can imagine now.

For the third course, there were two more meat dishes and both were so tender and cooked and seasoned perfectly. One was called Arni Kai Patates, a Roasted Lamb and Potato dish. The other was called Hoirino Kai Aginares Augolemono, Pork and Artichokes. Beautiful Greek names and outstanding flavors.

Then my favorite course, dessert. We got to try two, the Chocolate Baklava and the Olive Oil Cake. Each was only several bites, but several tasty bites they were. Since all of the food was served family style, it was just enough to try everything and get a feel for the Greek cuisine, without getting too full. Just the way I love to eat. So back to the sweets. This was the best baklava I've ever had and that's because of the chocolate. Yes! Who doesn't adore the flavors of this Greek dessert. With chopped nuts, honey, the thin and flaky crust, along with the chocolate, its kind of a winner. The Olive Oil cake was so soft and spongy, but a little dense at the same time from the olive oil. The small dollop of cream on top was the perfect touch.

The layout for the restaurant was spacious and accommodating with a large seating area and bar when you enter. Then a gorgeous staircase takes you upstairs to a loft area with more seating. The restaurant seems underrated since I had never heard of it before. If you love Greek, but want to try more authentic Greek, then this place will be your jam.
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