Dave and Buster's

A new hot spot for the whole family to hang out is Dave and Buster's, a large arcade and restaurant that opened last month in Auburn. Dave and Buster's is a chain that first opened in Dallas in 1982. They have a funny story for how they became Dave and Buster's. Buster owned a restaurant and a few doors down Dave owned a business for entertainment and games where people could kick back and have fun. They both noticed people always splitting their time between both places, so the two entrepreneurs decided to team up and open a place for both food and fun, and so today we have Dave and Buster's. And the reason Dave's name is first is because he won the coin toss.  

So thanks to these two, there's a pretty sweet place to get your grub on, order unique cocktails, and watch the game on bright screens. When you're tired of that, just buy a game card and hit up the endless arcade. I was impressed by the sheer size of the place and it seemed like the games went on and on. All of the games were brand new and most I've never seen before. Upon walking in, there's a host desk where you can check in and purchase your game card. Just choose how much you want to spend and fill it up.

There is a bright bar with screens everywhere and lots of seating. I was drawn to their drink menu and couldn't wait to try one of their adult snow cones that light up. Luckily, Dave and Buster's is family friendly with a restaurant and there are booths that surround the outside of the bar. We were able to play a few games and then set up in one of the booths.

I ordered a Pineapple Coconut Glow Kone. It arrived to the table bright and glowing. It tasted really fruity and was fun to drink. The cool thing was that the lit up ice cube changed colors. The cocktail started off yellow and ended up hot pink. Gimmicky and pricey, but so unique and fun!

For some eats, our family shared the Bar Burger and Wings Platter. There were spicy chicken wings and four cheeseburger sliders made with Hawaiian rolls and then a side of fries. Each slider had a fancy toothpick with a cheery tomato and pickle. Not only were the sliders adorable, they were also tasty. Again, a little pricey like the cocktails, but you're at a nice arcade and its more of a novelty than anything. We were there on a Wednesday so it wasn't too busy. The service was good and I felt taken care of.

Auburn is a little far for us to drive. But I'm happy we checked it out and I was impressed with what I experienced!


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