Lunch at Brooklyn Bagel and Bakery in Columbia Falls


Come for a bagel but stay for the desserts! A Rainbow Cookie from Brooklyn Bagel and Bakery in Columbia Falls. 

Now you can find authentic NYC bagels and desserts in Columbia Falls, MT. Brooklyn Bagel and Bakery opened about six months ago on Nucleus Ave. The owner is a NYC native who has lived in MT about seven years. He wanted to open a bagel shop that serves bagels from Brooklyn and also serve classic NY treats such as cheesecake and cannoli. The food is actually from NY and served in their shop. They also have a big variety of espresso drinks. Their menu is large and you can choose about any kind of bagel and cream cheese. 

My family and I had lunch there during our visit. We went with my mom, and she treated us to lunch. They were quite understaffed however, and we had to wait a bit for our bagels and treats. I chose an Everything bagel with Lox cream cheese. The prices are also high, so be prepared to spend about $9 for a bagel and cream cheese. 

We also shared a piece of the NYC cheesecake. This was probably the best and creamiest cheesecake we'd ever had the pleasure of eating. Yum! Then we shared some Rainbow Cookies. They cut each one quite thin. Rainbow Cookies are colorful little cakes that taste like almond. They're delicious little treats, and we could have eaten way more than a few bites! 

Don't forget to check out the black and white murals in the hallway by the restrooms. We were impressed by the artistry of these walls. Since the bagels take a long while to prepare and are kind of expensive, I'd recommend coming in for the cheesecake and Rainbow Cookies! This is a great spot for dessert in town, especially if you have a sweet tooth! 

Brooklyn Bagels

510 Nucleus Ave 

Columbia Falls, MT 


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