Hi, Barbie!


A Strawberry Bellini I made at home, Barbie style, of course! 

So I loved playing with Barbies as a girl! When it was announced that a Barbie movie was being made, I was so excited. It felt like we waited ages for the movie to finally come out, because all of the hype and talk about it filming. To get excited about seeing the movie, like we needed any more excitement or build-up, but whatever! I decided to make a Barbie cocktail at home. 

I saw restaurants around the country making special Barbie cocktails. I decided to make my own. I bought a mini bottle of Prosecco. I printed my own DIY Barbie coasters. Then I made a strawberry puree in the blender with lemon juice, honey, and a cup of sliced strawberries. Then I made a pink sugared rim with sugar and pink sprinkles. Finally, I mixed the puree with the Prosecco. The drink was definitely pink and looked like a Barbie cocktail! It tasted good too, of course! My sink was a mess from making this one drink, but it was worth it. 

I also had to find something cute and pink to wear to the movie with my friend. I found this cool Barbie shirt on Amazon. It was a the perfect fit and I love it. At Target, I also found some Barbie makeup. I'm telling you, Barbie stuff is not hard to find right now for the girlies that love it. I got some nice blue OPI polish and some hot pink lip stain which I wore to the movie. 

Then, finally, we went to see the film. Both my friend and I loved it! We were supposed to get a super cute Barbie drink floatie, but they ran out. So they gave us a large popcorn instead. We weren't mad about it, though, and really enjoyed the popcorn. 

The movie was good in so many ways and it was better than I thought it would be. So many great things about the movie. It makes you think, and wonder, and hope, and all of the good things that make life that much better! 


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