Exploring Fish Creek, Lion Lake, and Hungry Horse Dam in Northwest MT


Pretty as a postcard. A serene view at Fish Creek at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. Fish Creek is across the lake from Apgar Village. 

During out visit to the Flathead Valley in MT, we had such a relaxing time. We hung out with my mom all week, exploring the area and showing our sons the places where I spent my childhood. One of the first days of our trip, we drove to Glacier National Park and had a picnic at Fish Creek. 

Fish Creek is part of Lake McDonald and I had visited a couple of times as a kid. But I had forgotten just how beautiful and serene this part of the lake is. I started taking photos just steps out of the car. I loved the view of the trees, the beach, and the pretty blue lake. We had a picnic dinner of cold chicken, crackers with dip, and fresh grapes. 

Then my mom showed my sons how to fly fish, since they'd never tried fishing before. They also had fun wading in the lake and trying to skip rocks. People were having a blast doing water sports such as swimming and canoeing. After we had gotten our fill of taking in the views and playing in the water, we drove back around the Lake McDonald to Apgar Village for ice cream. At Apgar Village, we like to visit Eddie's Cafe for huckleberry ice cream at their walk-up window. I had a cone with one scoop, and it was tart and sweet, just how I love it! 

The exterior of Eddie's Cafe in Apgar Village, where we stopped for ice cream. 

On another day of our trip, we checked out Hungry Horse Dam and the nearby Lion Lake. My boys hadn't been there for a few years, and we always love the views. It's exciting to look down and take in the views of the Flathead River. The Hungry Horse Dam is located on the South Fork of the Flathead River and is fifteen miles south of the entrance to Glacier Park. The dam is 564 feet high and was completed in 1953. They have a visitor's center which we also checked out this time. 

Afterwards, we went to Lion Lake, which is another beautiful freshwater lake. We took in the views and my sons did some wading. 

Some views of Lion Lake. 

Thanks for checking out my post about these pretty lakes and Hungry Horse Dam. Have you visited Fish Creek or Lion Lake in Northwest MT? Leave a comment below if you have or you want to visit someday! 


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