Trying Skincare Products from Good Molecules


Some of the best-selling skincare products from Good Molecules. 

The skincare company Good Molecules reached out to me to see if I wanted to try their products. They are a science-backed skincare brand based out of San Fransico and Nashville. Their products are safe for you and the planet. And they are actually affordable. I thought, why not try it? They asked if I had any skin concerns and what type of skin I have. I told them I have normal skin without any concerns. I received a box with four products. 

I received some Instant Cleansing Balm, the Ultra-Hydrating Facial Oil, some Brightening Toner, and the Serum. I've always been curious about using toner and serum on my face, so this was my chance to try them.

Toner is a water-based liquid that has skin-soothing ingredients. It's supposed to gently refresh your skin. It's also supposed to remove dead skin cells, control excess oil, and prepare your skin for other products like moisturizer. When I used this toner from Good Molecules, it felt soothing on my face. I've been using these products for a few days now. 

Serums are light weight moisturizers for your face. They aren't necessary in your skincare routine, but using this serum sure felt nice on my face. Serums also help with wrinkles and aging, since they penetrate deeper than just using moisturizer. I am no skincare expert or dermatologist; this is just the research I've read online. 

I first applied the toner, then the serum, and then the facial oil. The facial oil felt like using olive oil on my face, and instantly soothed my skin. This oil would be good for dry skin, or sunburned skin. This way you're giving your skin some extra love and care. 

After I used all three products in the morning, I applied my daytime moisturizer and then some SPF 30 sunscreen. I also tried the products at night before putting on my nighttime moisturizer. My skin felt soft afterwards. I tried the Cleansing Balm at night to help remove my makeup. You use this on your dry skin and rub in the cleansing balm. Then rinse it off and use a cleanser. I found the Cleansing Balm to be unnecessary and probably wouldn't recommend it. 

You can find these products online at Good Molecules and other retail stores such as Ultra Beauty. The prices are just $5-18 apiece. I may look into their other products like their Cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizers, and under eye cream. 

Thanks so much to Good Molecules for letting me try your products! 


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