The Bite of Seattle 2023


A Bear ice cream cone from Sweet Art Cotton Candy and Ice Cream at the Bite of Seattle. 

This summer the Bite of Seattle is back after a four-year break. Today is the last day of the three-day food and music festival at Seattle Center. My family and I attended on Friday, the first day of the event. We went early around lunchtime, and the crowds weren't too bad yet. This year the event was hosted by Cheq, the new owner of the Bite of Seattle.

Cheq is a mobile-order app that all the vendors used at the event. You download the app on your phone, then order your food from the vendor you select. When you're ready to pick up your food, you then have to scan the vendors QR Code. Then, wait for your food to be made. The waits for food were long, however. 

Our family tried a lot of food. First, our boys each had a Korean Cheese Dog from Puffle Up. One had his with sugar and the other had ketchup and mustard. They really enjoyed these and the cheese pulls on these Cheese Dogs are always fun. 

Then it was time for my husband and I to get something to eat! I ordered a couple of Chicken Tacos on the Cheq app at the tacos place. These tacos hit the spot! 

In the same area in the Fisher Pavillion, my boys spotted Sweet Art Cotton Candy and Ice Cream. They saw the animal cotton candy and just had to have one! When I saw on their menu on the app that there were animal ice cream cones, I couldn't resist. I ordered a bear one. It was so cute and tasty! One of my sons got a duck cotton candy and the other had a bunny one. We even got to watch them make them! 

Since we were still hungry after just one taco, we decided to order a slice of pizza from Galileo's Pizza. This spot took the longest, as they kept forgetting to make ours. These slices were really good, authentic Italian pizza. So hot and fresh, and just like it probably tastes in Italy. They made the pizzas in front of us, so we knew it would be good! 

After spending about an hour at the playground so the boys could play, I grabbed a White Peach Cider in the Fisher Pavillion Beer Garden. I also had to use the Cheq app there to order my drink. It was confusing since there were multiple beer gardens at the event and they weren't clearly marked. After asking some other customers in line, we decided we were at the right beer garden. From this beer garden, we could see the main stage and listen to the band performing. The day was getting hot and the beer tasted good. 

For some last bites at the Bite of Seattle, I ordered a cookie from Bells Cookies for myself and my sons. I had a Chocolate Chunk and my sons had a Confetti cookie. We ate our cookies by the International Fountain. 

Lastly, we walked around to look at the various arts and crafts vendors. I couldn't resist the Lavender one at Oceanside Nursery. I purchased some lavender soap and lotion, also using the Cheq app. 

There were so many food spots at the Bite of Seattle. We also saw Dough Joy donuts and the Pie Bar truck. 

We were at the Bite of Seattle for about four hours. We even had to renew our parking in Belltown halfway through. This was a fun food festival, and it was good to see it come back after not having it for a few years! 


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