The West Seattle Summer Fest


A soft serve cone with chocolate and sprinkles at the West Seattle Summer Fest! 

This weekend is the West Seattle Summer Fest. My family went yesterday. We figured it wouldn't be as busy as going Saturday night, and it ended up not being very crowded. This summer event in West Seattle is located along the Junction. The street's closed and the event goes all the way down the street. It's basically a street fair, with live stages for music, fair food, a kid's zone, bouncy houses, and lots and lots of venders. 

The tickets for the bouncy houses are pretty pricey. One ticket is $5 and is just for about a minute in one bouncy house. They also have unlimited playing time for $20. We got ice cream cones for an afternoon treat. The place we wanted ice cream was only taking cash, so we walked for another second and then saw a frozen yogurt truck. JJfroyogo is a frozen dessert truck based out of Everett. The cones were pricey. That seems to be the theme these day with everything. We got two cones to share. They melted super fast. I chose one with a chocolate coating and sprinkles. 

We didn't stay too long, but it was a fun and festive summer event to check out in the Seattle area! Tomorrow, Sunday the 17th, is the last day. 


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