Dinner at Karu Revolving Sushi in Bellevue


A Philadelphia Roll from Karu Revolving Sushi. 

If you love to eat sushi, then check out Karu Revolving Sushi in Bellevue. This is a very popular place to eat in Bellevue, where waits can be two hours for a table. We dined with some friends who eat at Karu regularly. They know all the ins and outs of this spot, including being in the know about the restaurants' app. By having the app, you can easily check in and then go shopping at Target or play video games at Dave and Busters, which is upstairs. I believe you also get points when dining at Karu with the app. We were told it would be two hours for our table, so we hung out at Dave and Buster's. It ended up being around an hour wait for our table. Then you have fifteen minutes to get to the restaurant. 

What's so special and great about Karu? They serve sushi on a conveyer belt. Each plate is $3.75. If you see a plate you want, just grab it. There's also a touchpad for ordering drinks and other items such as soup, noodles, other sides, and dessert. Robots deliver the drinks, which is really fun and unique! You can also win prizes after you reach a certain number of plates. I believe it's after fifteen plates. Our group had a lot of plates of sushi, so the three kids in our group each got a prize. 

The sushi was really fresh and looked tasty! They only use fresh and premium ingredients, and you can tell. They have a wide variety of sushi. Some of my faves were the Philadelphia Roll, one with American Beef, and the Aburi Salmon with Miso Cream Cheese. They also have Cheesecake and Cheese Tarts on the conveyer belt. Our boys went a little crazy grabbing dessert and may have eaten a little too much of everything. Everybody in our group left full and happy! 

One of the robot servers that delivers the drinks! 

My boys' favorite when we get sushi, some Inari. 

A piece of Toro Sushi. 

Some sort of cheese tart that my son demolished.

I believe this was a piece of the Seared Salmon with Japanese Mayo. 

The Aburi Salmon with Miso Cream Cheese. This was the first thing I ate, and it ended up being my favorite plate of sushi. 

Another one I liked was this Golden Crunchy Roll. This one was spicey! 

My friend had this yummy looking Hand Roll with avocado and Tempura Shrimp. 

Sushi with American Beef. 

Karu Revolving Sushi Bar 

266 116th Ave NE 

Bellevue, WA 

(360) 822-9333


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