Checking out the new Happy Lemon on MLK/ Columbia City

 When a new Bubble Tea spot opens near your house, it's a dangerous thing. Especially when it's your favorite boba spot in Seattle. Happy Lemon Seattle recently opened on MLK Way, near Columbia City. To me, their drinks are the tastiest and refreshing. My go-to drink is the Strawberry Jasmine Green Tea with the Rock Salt Crema. This drink tastes like strawberry cheesecake, if the dessert was a drink. I've ordered it before with tapioca balls but omitted them this time. 

This drink is perfect for summer, and I can't resist those fresh strawberry chunks. The Rock Salt Crema is a salty and sweet topping that tastes like cream cheese. I always have a couple of sips of the cheese crema topping first, then I mix it together with the tea. This new location is really cute, with lots of seating and neat backgrounds for photos. 

It's also a lot less busy than the other two locations I've been to. The one inside Bellevue Square had a super long line last time we went. But it was a Saturday night. Luckily, I was just walking by and not getting anything that day. The one at Southcenter gets kind of busy even on weekdays. So, this new MLK location is my new spot when I'm craving Happy Lemon! 

Happy Lemon 

6014 Martin Luther King Jr. Way 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 229-9864


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