Attending a Seattle Storm game at the Climate Pledge Arena

 My family and I recently attended a WNBA game, the Seattle Storm, at the Climate Pledge Arena. Our friends had extra tickets and we went with them. I was excited to check out the new arena, which opened in October. The Climate Pledge Arena used to be the Key Arena, and now is the most progressive, responsible, and sustainable arena in the world. Or at least, that's their goal. You can read more about it here. They're also home to the Seattle hockey team, the Seattle Kraken. 

They have a lot of rules for what you can and can't bring into the arena. I was glad my friend sent me the linkwith the info, otherwise I would have shown up with my camera and a camera bag. No cameras with lenses are allowed, so I took a bunch of photos on my smartphone. The photos turned out fine, and I was happy I could at least use my phone. No purses are allowed, so luckily my friend had an extra clear plastic bag. 

The food and drink prices are pretty steep, so grabbing a meal beforehand is a good idea. My sons didn't eat quite enough dinner, so we bought them each some Chicken Strips and Fries. The quality was good but they were expensive. I had a cookie from Treat cookies, a super cute cookie shop we've visited in Burien. It was an M&M cookie with butterscotch. 

The game was high energy and super fun! The Storm was playing Indiana and we ended up winning. The Storm is really good, and it was a fast-scoring game. We'd never been to a Storm game before and ended up having a blast. It was also really cool to see the new arena. 

Climate Pledge Arena 

334 1st Ave N 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 460-7825 


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