My favorite Seattle Coffeeshops

 You can say many things about Seattle, but one major fact is it's a coffee town. Starbucks was founded here in 1971. And now you can find a store everywhere you turn in the U.S. As great as Starbucks is though, sometimes you want something different and you want to support a local business. Seattle has so many decent coffeeshops and I've been to a lot over the years. Here are ten of my favorite spots for coffee! Just click on the name for more info on each place. 

Brother Joe is located in Georgetown. They do beautiful latte art and have syrups they make in-house. See my original post here

Anchorhead Coffee has several locations in Seattle. They use locally roasted beans. And don't forget to grab a quaffle- a mix between a croissant and a waffle! See my post here. 

Victrola Coffee opened in 2000 and then began roasting their own beans in 2003. I visited the location in Beacon Hill. They have four locations now. I don't have a post about this spot, so just click the Victrola Coffee link above for more info. 

This year some really notable Vietnamese coffeeshops opened in Seattle. One is Sip House in the U-District. I had a super delicious Pistachio Cream Latte. Read more here

Zoka Coffee is located in Kirkland and they opened in 1996. Their store is bright and has a calm feel to it. The Lavender Mocha I had this summer was so flavorful and unique. See more here

Another great spot for Vietnamese coffee is Coffeeholic House. They opened their first location in March of 2020 in Columbia City and this year they opened another one in Greenwood. Their drinks are so rich and satisfying. I tried an Ube Latte and you can read more here

They call themselves a "friendly, upscale coffee shop", and that's exactly how it felt when I visited. This spot in Kirkland is worth a visit. Their drinks are so pretty and so is their store. I tried a Spicy Chai and it was so delicious. See more from my visit here

A while back I was invited to come try the coffee and pastries at Murcurys Coffee in Bellevue. They have a huge assortment of desserts and pastries. They also offer tons of seating with TV's for chill time while you have your coffee. Their coffee company was founded in 1998 and today they have eight locations on the eastside. See the post I did here

Moore Coffee is located in downtown Seattle and they do the cutest animal latte art. They also have really good waffles that pair well with the coffee. See my post here. 

Woods Coffee was established in 2002 and they now have locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. I visited their location in Lincoln Center in Bellevue. The coffee tasted high quality and flavorful. I don't have a blog post from Woods Coffee so just click the link above for more info. 

Some more coffee shops in the Seattle area I'd love to visit! 

Thanks for checking out my list of my favorite Seattle coffeeshops! There's so many choices for coffee in Seattle! 


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