Trying two of the new Thanksgiving Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme

 Gobble, Gobble. Time to gobble up some doughnuts! Krispy Kreme has new Thanksgiving doughnuts that are available until November 25th. There are four to choose from. There's the Dutch Apple Pie, the Cranberry Orange, the Pecan Pie, and the Gobbler. The Gobbler is in the shape of a turkey and really cute. I didn't try this one because I heard it doesn't have a filling and tasted a little dry. I chose to try two of the doughnuts. I had the Dutch Apple Pie and the Cranberry Orange one. 

These Thanksgiving doughnuts were really unique and delicious. They weren't overly sweet like Krispy Kreme usually is. I shared these two with my husband and he really enjoyed them both. The filling for the Dutch Apple Pie was a really nice and fruity apple pie filling. The filling for the Cranberry Orange was a cranberry filling, but wasn't overly tart. It was the perfect level of sweetness and the hints of orange frosting on top paired really nice with the cranberry icing and filling. 

These Thanksgiving doughnuts were fun to try. Krispy Kreme does a nice job with their monthly flavors, but they stepped it up even more this month with these unique flavors. I'm looking forward to next month to see what kind of December doughnuts they come up with. 


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