Lunch at The Rock Wood Fired Pizza


A personal sized Pepperoni and Sausage pizza from The Rock in Lynnwood. 

The Rock Wood Fired Pizza is one of those restaurants I was intrigued by. I'd been hearing about it for a decade or so and wondered if it was any good. A look at their menu showed lots of promise. They have really unique cocktails and a big variety of pizza and American cuisine. 

So my family and I decided to give them a try for lunch. Right when we walked in I liked the way the restaurant looked. There was a lot of brick walls and I immediately thought of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They ate pizza, right? 90's Rock was also playing nice and loud and there were some cool guitars on display. I was getting some nice 90's vibes and my husband and I were loving it.

 For even more nostalgia, they serve Lava Lamp drinks. I got a Rum Lava Lamp with Cruzan Coconut Rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and Sprite. Then to make it look like an actual Lava Lamp, you can choose your choice of "lava". I chose the blue which was a Coco Berry Jello Shooter, which they pour on top of the drink. The cocktail was tall and looked just like a Lava Lamp from my art school days, which I'd gaze at while listening to Pink Floyd and Alice and Chains.  

My husband ordered a cocktail, although I don't recall its name, it tasted like a berry Sidecar, and it was really yummy. My cocktail was fruity and refreshing, and the berry jello shooter was also really fun to drink. We ordered our pizza but unfortunately they took almost fifty minutes to come out. They said they were understaffed and ran out of printer paper. Seems like most places are understaffed lately. Hopefully that won't last too much longer. 

Finally our food arrived. We ordered 9 inch personal pizzas as part of the lunch special. It also came with a salad for ten bucks. Can't beat that. The crust was wood fired style, giving the edges a nice crackly crust. There was a lot of cheese, which I love. And for a personal size pizza, there was actually six slices. Everyone enjoyed their pizza, and we even had leftovers for dinner.  

The Rock was a really fun spot to grab a meal. But pack your patience these days when dining out! 

The Rock

4010 196th St. SW 

Lynnwood, WA 

(425) 697-6007


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