Trying a quaffle at Anchorhead Coffee and checking out the new Kitchen and Market store

 At Anchorhead Coffee you can not only grab a hot cup of fresh coffee, you can also try a quaffle. We visited their location by Pike Place Market. We bought two quaffles to share between the four of us. A quaffle is a hybrid of a croissant and a waffle! It comes with syrup for dipping or pouring over the top. And luckily they came with a knife and fork! They were made fresh and were steaming hot. We enjoyed the pastry and it was fun to try this unique item. We also got an Americana coffee to pair with our quaffle. 

Then we walked a few minutes south to the new Kitchen and Market store. This bright grocery store is upscale and offers a wide variety of specialty foods. They have wine, bread, fresh produce, and meal kits. They also sell fresh, handmade pasta ready to cook at home. We purchased some artisan bread. 

Pike Place Market seems to always get bigger with more and more options for shopping. Whenever we visit, I just pick two spots to go so I'm not overwhelmed. This popular attraction in Seattle is always busy, so I always plan where I'm heading before I arrive. 

Anchorhead Coffee

2003 Western Ave STE 110 A 

Seattle, WA 

Kitchen and Market 

1926 Pike Place 

Seattle, WA  


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