Thanksgiving Eats for 2021

 Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a relaxing holiday with loved ones and lots of good eats. For me, tomorrow is the official start of the Christmas season and I'll be putting up my decorations this weekend. But today was for lots of eating and feeling grateful for what I have. My family ate a lot of good things. We started the day with some Monkey Bread. I used the one from a company called Bridgeford. There products are found in the frozen section. You just bake it for 25 minutes and it tastes gooey and delicious! I also got to use my new Harry Potter mug I got yesterday! I finally started watching the Harry Potter movies and have been really enjoying them. I'm only twenty years late! 

Then as an appetizer before our big meal at 2:00, I made a cheese board. We had gouda and goat cheese, along with peach jam and crackers. I also baked some cookies with turkeys from Pilsbury. They were really cute. We also had some yummy Pinot Nior from Oregon we picked up at Safeway. We had turkey, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, rolls, and cranberry sauce. Then we had Pumpkin Pie for dessert much later. I also made a chocolate cake the day before. I used the recipe from Beyond the Butter. You can see the recipe here

And that's a wrap for Thanksgiving 2021! Now on to all things Christmas! 


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