A Visit to Mercurys Coffee Co. in Bellevue

Mercurys Coffee Co. is a local coffee company in Washington that first opened in 1998. They started with a drive through coffee stand in Woodinville and they now have eight locations. Mercurys has won various awards for their coffee from various local publications. They recently opened a store in Bellevue and they invited me to come check it out. They sent me a gift card and then I waited patiently for them to open. When my schedule cleared from the various things I'd been doing this fall, they were open and I was ready to visit.

The new spot in Bellevue is a Roastery and a pretty large space. Right away when we walked in we were greeted with a huge selection of pastries. I was in pastry heaven, especially when I spotted the cinnamon rolls bigger than my head. Wowza. The selection went on and on and I enjoyed myself taking photos of all of the offerings. Besides desserts, they had sandwiches, salads, and other snacks. Their new location is pretty busy and a long line started to form behind us. I was also impressed with their coffee menu. They have unique flavors like a Caramel Silk coffee which has white chocolate and salted caramel. They also have a signature coffee called a Blonde Hawaiian that has White Chocolate, Macadamia Nut, and real coconut.

The croissants caught my eye when I walked in so I chose a Chocolate Almond Croissant. My husband liked the look of the cream cheese Danish with fresh fruit, and our boys each got a Chocolate Chip Cookie. The cookies were much bigger than I thought and we took them home with us. I knew the coffee would be good since they've won awards, but I was surprised by the selection of the pastries and by the quality of them. One biet of my croissant and I knew I was in trouble. It was flaky yet dense and was full of melted chocolate. I usually don't finish pastries by myself but there wasn't a crumb left on my plate. The chocolate chip cookies were probably the biggest I've seen, but were they tasty? Oh, yes. They were filled with lots of chocolate chips and even though the size of the cookies were huge, they were also pretty thick. My husband ended up taking his Danish home later, and I took one bite. The part I tried wasn't anything great, but I think it was a little dried out by then.

I ordered a Caramel Silk coffee and my husband had a cold brew coffee. My drink was delicious and so, so good with the Chocolate Almond Croissant. This is the place to hang out and stay awhile. There's ample seating, with your choice of counters, couches, tables, you name it. It almost had a sports bar quality with all of the TV's. This is a popular place and looking around the part of Bellevue its in, it seems just what the area needed. There's a lot of businesses around, but not a ton of food and coffee spots like this. I'm sure the people that work and live near the area are thrilled to have Mercurys in the neighborhood.  


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