How To Make A Plum Clafoutis

Nothing feels more like summer than taking a bite of a fresh picked plum.  Summer will be over soon so you better get some plums and soak every moment up while you can.  Before we know it we'll be drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes and visiting pumpkin patches.  It will be oh so fun, but let's live in the moment for now and eat some plums.  If your neighbor or your cousin hands you a bag of ready to eat plums, do what I did and make a clafoutis.  I used six plums and it was the perfect amount of fruit for my dessert.  Not sure what a clafoutis is? It's a rustic French dessert and you can find the other post I did about Cherry Clafoutis here and read more about the dessert and get the recipe.  Just substitute plums for the cherries or any fruit you want. 

One thing about this recipe I didn't follow was that I used a cake pan to bake it and not a cast iron or frying pan.  I used a frying pan to cook the butter and the plums, then I added sugar and mixed it up well.  Then I poured my fruit mixture into my cake pan,  poured the batter over it and baked it for the twenty minutes the recipe says to.  The Plum Clafoutis came out perfectly and will be delicious for dessert or even for breakfast. 

Need some more plum recipes?  Another one is Open-Face Banana Plum Cake, something I baked and blogged about before and you can find that recipe here.  Plums are sweet and subtle and bake nicely.  Their purple color means they photograph well and look delicious in any dessert.  Enjoy the rest of the summer! 


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